Sunday, 10 February 2019

Sonu Nigam got allergy After eating seafood, the picture shares from ICU on Sonu Nigam Instagram account.

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Two pictures of Sonu Nigam share and it can be check on ,Sonu Nigam Instagram account. He writing that it was my condition because of eating seafood.

Bollywood's popular singer Sonu Nigam is very sick these days. Sonu Nigam has been diagnosed with an allergy, due to which the whole eye has swollen and has to be admitted to ICU. Sonu Nigam has shared two pictures of himself on the Instagram, writing that it was my condition because of eating seafood. He wrote that if I did not reach the hospital during the time, then it could have increased further.

Bollywood Singer Sonu Nigam is passing through a different kind of allergy these days. Explaining the allergy, Sonu has shared two photographs. Sonu Nigam is recruited into ICU in one of the two photos casted in Instagram while her eyes have completely swollen in the second photo.

While sharing his picture in the Instagram, Sonu has written that I am fine now. Thank you for the love of you all. This gives us a lesson that never should anybody ignore any allergies. In my case I was allergic to seafood. If I do not go to the hospital for a long time, the matter will increase further. My breathing could also have swelling and I could have trouble breathing.